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CCTV and Physical Security

Unilakes is a leading security solution provider that offers IP video surveillance systems, access control, and fire alarm systems to help businesses monitor their premises. We are one of the fastest-growing CCTV companies, with many years of experience in providing comprehensive security solutions for our customers. Our solutions have high value in the marketplace and […]

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Better Engage With Customers, Retrain Agents, And Eliminate Support Costs

Contact Center

Redesign your contact center today or let us build your ground up. Our comprehensive contact center portfolio brings together best-of-breed solutions, so you can quickly create the omnichannel experience that drives increased sales and retention while improving customer satisfaction.  Our contact center portfolio powers and reinvents every important touchpoint in your customer journey. Whether you

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Mobile-friendly And Cloud-based IP Telephony Solution

IP Telephony and Mobility

Unilakes IP-based communications solutions address the needs of modern organizations, independent contractors, and individual users with mobility needs. There is no limit to where you can be or what device you’re using when your business communication solution is completely mobile-friendly and cloud-based.

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Protect Your Data Centers And Internal Networks

Perimeter and Datacenter Security

Unilakes offers varied security solutions to protect your assets, especially in critical areas such as data centers and internal networks. Our security solutions involve an approach that comprises several elements designed to provide a total security solution. Our security solutions are the most complete solutions for all kinds of organizations offering protection company-wide, on-premises LANs

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Servers and Storage Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Servers and Storage

We offer a wide range of solutions for computing, storage, and networking. Our services cover every step from design to implementation, including virtualization, consolidation, disaster recovery/business continuity plans, and security controls. We are a leading provider of high-performance computing, storage, and networking solutions. Our systems have been designed to meet the most rigorous demands for

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Reducing Unnecessary Wireless Transmission

Software Defined WiFi

Software-Defined Wireless Networking (SDWN) is the use of SDN concepts in wireless networks. By using a controller in the control plane, SDWN facilitates the creating of a new adaptive mechanism according to different applications and user demands, such as mobility (handoff), security, and quality of service (QoS).  Software-Defined WiFi is a new way of thinking

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Agile and Flexible Network

Software-Defined LAN

Software-defined Local Area Network (SD-LAN) is a technology that allows network administrators to use software APIs to create, configure and manage all LAN functions. With SD-LAN network operations can be controlled over the same interface through which they are created. The result is a more agile and flexible network. SD-LAN is an innovative technology that

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Our Partners

We Provide Cutting Edge Technology Solutions Through Our Strategic Global Partnerships for each area of business.

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