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If your business has multiple offices, an MPLS network enables you to seamlessly connect all your sites into a unified private network, ensuring secure data sharing without reliance on the public Internet for transmission. This setup offers enhanced privacy and efficiency for your organization’s communication needs.

With MPLS, all of your sites are connected to a private and secure network, enabling seamless data sharing among offices without the need for data to travel through the public Internet.

    By implementing a single data plan, offices can significantly reduce costs. IT costs can be minimized by eliminating the need for firewalls and routers at each individual site and instead utilizing a single managed cloud service. The quality of service (QoS) can be ensured by prioritizing specific types of traffic, such as IP based phone systems, even when multiple staff are sending large files. Hosted services offer increased reliability with redundant connections and multiple backups. Interoffice data remains secure as it does not travel through the public Internet. Scalability is highly achievable, allowing different speeds to be provided to each office based on their specific data requirements. Monitoring, router management, and reporting tools are available to optimize network performance at all times.

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    What is an MPLS?

    MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) network is not a form of Internet connectivity but a method used to manage and control the flow of network traffic efficiently. By utilizing MPLS, you can prioritize specific data types like video conferencing or voice calls to guarantee top-notch reliability and quality, even when large files are being transmitted across the network by your employees.

    This technique is highly adaptable and permits custom speeds for various office locations based on their specific needs. With an MPLS network, your internal data remains completely secure as it does not travel through the public Internet.

    Benefits of an MPLS network

    • Versatile access options are available, such as DSL, nbn™, fixed wireless, and fibre ethernet connections.
    • Access is provided through a range of carriers and data from various providers like Telstra, Optus, AAPT, TPG, and Vocus. Data is transmitted through our extensive private NGN network, known as one of the most interconnected in Australia.
    • The service is highly scalable, accommodating any number of sites and offering a variety of bandwidth speeds.
    • Your data remains secure as it does not pass through the public Internet.
    • Different service classes are on offer to tailor your traffic to meet your specific business needs.
    • Standard services include network monitoring and router management. Additionally, our engineers can design the MPLS network topology for you or collaborate with your IT team to optimize it.

    Should I use MPLS or SD-WAN?

    When setting up intricate corporate networks, there are multiple aspects to take into account. While a conventional MPLS network is often the preferred option, there are situations where the newer SD-WAN technology proves to be more appropriate.

    Typically, MPLS networks can ensure superior traffic quality, a crucial factor for extensive network operations. Nevertheless, this advantage comes with a higher price tag, whereas SD-WAN stands out for its cost-effectiveness in terms of deployment and maintenance.

    For further insights into the distinctions between SD-WAN and MPLS, we recommend you peruse our article on the topic.


    Traffic Engineering & Scalability with MPLS

    • MPLS enables network administrators to control and optimize the flow of traffic, improving overall network performance and reducing congestion.
    • MPLS networks are highly scalable, making it easier to add new sites or expand existing ones without significant disruption to the network.

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