MPLS Networks

Secure Networks for Multisite Offices

If you have multiple offices that require data sharing, an MPLS network provides a secure, flexible, cost-effective, and highly reliable solution.

With MPLS, all of your sites are connected to a private and secure network, enabling seamless data sharing among offices without the need for data to travel through the public Internet.

    By implementing a single data plan, offices can significantly reduce costs. IT costs can be minimized by eliminating the need for firewalls and routers at each individual site and instead utilizing a single managed cloud service. The quality of service (QoS) can be ensured by prioritizing specific types of traffic, such as IP based phone systems, even when multiple staff are sending large files. Hosted services offer increased reliability with redundant connections and multiple backups. Interoffice data remains secure as it does not travel through the public Internet. Scalability is highly achievable, allowing different speeds to be provided to each office based on their specific data requirements. Monitoring, router management, and reporting tools are available to optimize network performance at all times.

    Enjoy Faster and Always On Internet

    Traffic Engineering

    MPLS enables network administrators to control and optimize the flow of traffic, improving overall network performance and reducing congestion.





    MPLS networks are highly scalable, making it easier to add new sites or expand existing ones without significant disruption to the network.




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