Simplify your lives and save money with Cloud based solutions.

Cloud Services

Your data, servers and applications ‘live’ on the Internet, accessible anywhere and everywhere from any device.

Cost Effective & Secure

Companies are becoming aware that they no longer have to invest in costly and cumbersome physical equipment like servers. Thanks to high-speed broadband connections, data can now be swiftly and securely accessed and stored from any location.

This is the essence of cloud computing – your data, servers, and applications exist on the Internet, making them accessible from any device and anywhere.

Say goodbye to the need for costly hardware maintenance, outdated equipment, and expensive servers.

Our solutions at Unilakes offer a cost-effective, secure, and future-proof alternative. We provide a wide variety of cloud-based options tailored to your customers’ needs. Let’s have a conversation to determine which solution makes the most sense for them.

Move your infrastructure to the cloud and save.


Cloud Managed Firewalls

Introducing the latest security solution: cloud-managed firewalls. These innovative tools provide comprehensive protection against network attacks, intrusions, and malware for your customers. Unlike traditional firewall systems, which suffer from a

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Why to Choose Unilakes for On Cloud Services

Helping You Leverage Your Data

We provide innovative IT solutions to help you make sense of your data and solve business challenges. From data visualization to machine learning, our professionals use the right mix of technology to help you make the best decisions.

Securing the Future

Cybersecurity is no longer just a technology issue. It’s about people, processes and technology.

Result Oriented Approach

We won't just deliver – we’ll work with you to identify what’s working, what’s not and how you can work smarter, ultimately saving time and money.

Your Defense in Depth Security Partner

Whether you’re building a public or private cloud, managing applications, or creating a hybrid environment, we have the expertise and the technologies to help you secure all of your data, applications and cloud assets.

Helping You Succeed in Digital Engagement

We help you connect your people and your customers with the right solutions to drive growth and your bottom line. In today’s connected world, successful businesses win by keeping their customers engaged and retaining an exceptional workforce. We can help you achieve your goals.

Tomorrow’s Technology for Today’s Businesses

We are not afraid to challenge the status quo, and our industry is changing fast as a result. We will partner with you today and tomorrow so you can transform the way your business works with innovative technology for an even stronger future.

Our Partners

We Provide Cutting Edge Technology Solutions Through Our Strategic Global Partnerships for each area of business.

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