Email marketing software to engage & grow your audience

Zoho Campaigns offers a comprehensive set of tools to cater to all your email marketing requirements. With the ability to create responsive designs, personalize messages, ensure email delivery to inboxes, automate workflows, and engage with potential customers, Zoho Campaigns has everything you need.

Powerful email marketing delivered

Contextually driven marketing

Dynamic personalization

Our simple drag-and-drop editor lets you dynamically change your email’s content, images, and CTAs.

Email interactivity

Connect with your recipients through every email by using interactive elements like polls, surveys, attachments, GIFs, images, videos, and reply tracking.

A/B testing

Take the guess work out of your campaign's content by testing in real time which version of your campaign performs best with your audience. A or B?

Advanced email automation, Delivery and Optimization

Drag-and-drop workflows

Our custom-made and pre-defined workflows have you covered with messages for every occasion.

Contact path tracing

Track where every contact is along your nurturing journey and how long it takes for them.

Send-time optimization

Increase your open rates by automatically sending emails to each recipient at their optimal open time.

Email cadence

Send just the right number of email campaigns without overwhelming your audience and gain more trust for your brand.

Domain authentication

Enhance email deliverability, avoid domain misuses, and improve your sender reputation by authenticating your domain with Zoho Campaigns.

Exclusive Solution for eCommerce Businesses

Integrate your online store with Zoho Campaigns to effectively boost sales through purchase follow-ups, automated abandoned cart messages, and timely notifications of promotional discounts to your customers.



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