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Give your organization a comprehensive set of tools to fulfill orders quickly, manage internal and customer-facing projects
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Fulfill orders and deploy services

With Zoho, you can efficiently process orders and deploy services, meeting customer expectations and enhancing their satisfaction. Streamline your procedures, manage inventory, track shipments, and optimize your supply chain. Stay ahead of the competition and build strong customer relationships. With Zoho, consistently deliver high-quality products and services on time.




Manage Orders

Fulfill orders from purchase to delivery.



Multi-channel Selling

Manage your inventory and orders across channels both offline and online.


Warehouse Management

Manage stock levels across multiple warehouses.


Project-based Billing

Generate invoices based on time tracked within projects.

Resource Utilization

Keep them on projects using Gantt charts, resource utilization charts, and more.

Manage projects with your prefered methodology

Waterfall Project Managment

Break projects into milestones, task lists, and tasks.

Agile Project Management

Use Agile methodology to manage on-going projects.

Task Boards

Manage smaller projects with kanban task boards.

If you want to keep on top of your finances, then you have to keep them organized. 



Boost your sales and effectively monitor every item with our robust software for managing stock, fulfilling orders, and controlling inventory.

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Zoho Creator is a platform for developing business software using low-code techniques. It enables you to design, develop, and run any software applications your business requires.

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The Zoho Billing Solution is a highly versatile and comprehensive platform that has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of every business model. From financial services and marketing

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How Zoho Can Help Your Business

Define and automate your sales process

The sales process involves a set of steps that can be repeated and predicted, allowing for continuous improvement. Zoho One assists in organizing and automating your sales process to facilitate faster growth.

Create quotes, sales orders, and invoices

A handshake deal is one thing, a signed sales contract is another. Zoho gives you tools to generate and sign contracts that get you paid on time.

Empower your sales team

Productive sales teams require more than a list of leads to call. Zoho gives your sales team extra tools to stay motivated and connected with your organization.

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