We have built a seriously connected, highly redundant network designed specifically for reliability and performance; the “NGN”.

We have built a highly connected and redundant network, designed specifically for reliability and performance: the "NGN."

We peer with more networks than anyone else in Australia, with over 2450 global peers, which allows us to access data directly and experience fewer congestion issues.

Unilakes Telco connects directly to 23 data centers in Australia and can access over 55 worldwide.

Unilakes NGN is a globally connected Layer 2 Next Generation Network and is the most peered network in Australia. Our customers expect everything to work flawlessly. Unilakes is able to deliver on these expectations by focusing heavily in the offering the fastest and most reliable networks throughout Australia, incorporating multiple layers of redundancy. We have established ground-breaking peering agreements, low contention ratios, dedicated bandwidth, and direct connections to content providers in various locations worldwide, including the UK, USA, Europe, Japan, NZ, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore. This achievement is a source of quiet pride for us, as we have dedicated the past decade to its development. In simple terms, our networks never experience failures. We invite you to meet with us and witness our impressive NGN firsthand – our own globally connected network.




Our Global Network Connections

2750 Global Peers


Highest Performance

The NGN has a vast global network that is directly linked to major cities and data centers worldwide, establishing strong connections with prominent companies like Netflix, YouTube, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Salesforce, and numerous others. Through these direct links, our NGN is strategically positioned to access high-bandwidth content efficiently, providing enhanced reliability and speed for your staff members.

The network design is crucial for achieving speed, performance, and reliability. Unlike relying on third-party networks, Our proviser has made significant investments in building its own network across Australia. This network includes multiple points-of-presence, redundancy measures, and peering arrangements.

  • To ensure resilience, our core network design incorporates dual points of presence in major capital cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. We also have multiple core carrier providers for transit, core network switching, and links.
  • Our infrastructure is hosted in two highly reputable data centers: NextDC, which is Australia’s premier certified data center provider, and Equinix, a leading global solutions provider. With access to a total of 23 data centers, Unilakes ensures reliable and efficient operations.
  • We prioritize utilizing the most interconnected networks in Australia to ensure prompt delivery of services to your customers. Through multiple aggregations to multiple upstream Tier 1 carriers, BTB is able to offer truly redundant solutions.
  • Unlike other providers who simply resell a finished product of a Tier 1 carrier, we actively monitor our core network. This allows us to better manage and optimize our services for maximum uptime, providing our customers with superior reliability.

Directly Connected

The NGN is globally connected with DIRECT links into major cities and data centres across the world, including Netflix, Youtube, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Salesforce and more.
These direct connections mean our NGN is effectively ‘closer’ to high bandwidth content, ensuring greater reliability and speed for your customers.

Our NGN is hosted right across Australia

Our Partners

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