Cloud PBX

Cloud or Hosted PBX

Your phone system in the cloud

Unilakes Telco’ Cloud PBX platform offers businesses the features and technology of a traditional on-site PBX phone system and more, all without the need for a large initial investment. This service is delivered via our Next Generation Network (NGN) to ensure top-notch call quality and platform reliability.

Unlike older on-site PBX systems that require physical space, power, and on-site technicians for any adjustments, a Cloud PBX system eliminates these burdens by transferring everything to the cloud. Essentially, it’s software housed in our secure, monitored, and redundant data centers. With our user-friendly management tool, changes and new features can be instantly implemented, eliminating the need for on-site technician visits or the upkeep of costly hardware.

With traditional PBX systems, customers have to invest in expensive hardware and deal with the hassle of onsite visits from technicians whenever changes are needed. In contrast, Cloud PBX eliminates the need for complex hardware by providing a reliable software solution hosted in secure data centers.

One of the major advantages of Cloud PBX is its flexibility. Changes and new capabilities can be easily and instantly implemented through a user-friendly management tool, eliminating the need for costly hardware maintenance or technician visits.

Unilakes Cloud PBX offers a more streamlined and cost-effective communication solution for businesses, making it the next generation choice for IP-based phone systems.

Simple, reliable, feature rich and cost effective

Why choose a Cloud PBX solution?


  • More affordable than conventional PBX systems Cuts down on initial investment and upkeep expenses
  • Offers a straightforward monthly rental package covering access, voice services, and phones
  • Ensures security and reliability through a private, secure data connection
  • Highly reliable with redundancy - our Cloud platform operates from various data centers in different locations
  • Smoothly move your business without disruptions to your phone service No need to alter phone numbers ever again
  • It is accessed through a private and secure data connection, which improves call quality and protects against hacking.
  • The Cloud PBX is fully redundant, with multiple instances in different data centers, making it more reliable than traditional hardware.
  • Being cloud-based, the service can be easily relocated, making it ideal for businesses on the move.
  • It is an excellent solution for multi-site businesses with single dial plans. With the Cloud PBX, you can retain your phone number and never have to change it again.


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