Deliver exceptional employee experiences

In today’s fast-changing work environment, it is crucial to update your HR practices accordingly. Zoho People is a cloud-based HR software solution designed to support and develop your employees, seamlessly adapt to changes, and enhance the agility and effectiveness of HR management. By simplifying your HR operations, retaining top talent, and prioritizing employee experience, you can create a high-performing workforce.

Transform your HR, regardless of your business size or industry

Core HR simplified

Bid farewell to boring spreadsheets and inflexible systems for handling HR tasks. Upgrade to intelligent and streamlined software that will liberate you from administrative burdens.

A scalable employee database Effective management of employee cases Intelligent HR workflows Informative analytics

Optimize your time and attendance

Reduce the amount of time spent on time tracking and managing days off. Zoho People's time and attendance system allows you to prioritize employee productivity while ensuring accurate tracking of work hours and generating error-free reports.

Effortlessly monitor attendance Efficiently schedule shifts Effectively track days off Easily convert time into timesheets

Performance management at its best

Enhance the skills that foster your business growth. Obtain valuable insights into team performance, individual capabilities, and opportunities for organizational improvement.

Benefit from flexible goal setting and KRA mapping. Conduct regular reviews and performance appraisals. Leverage 360-degree feedback. Utilize analytics to identify performance gaps.


Reimagine learning and development

Zoho People offers a robust yet user-friendly solution for effectively managing and delivering top-notch learning experiences to your staff. Our learning and development platform facilitates dynamic learning for all teams, providing engaging content and virtual training opportunities.

Enhance yourtraining with blended learning, incorporating virtual classrooms. Effortlessly manage all your courses from a centralized system. Evaluate your employees' knowledge and progress through quizzes and assessments.

Provide an HR experience that your employees will love

With over a decade of experience, serving more than 4500+ organizations, we’ve catered to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Check out how Zoho People can benefit your workforce.

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