Augmented Reality Remote Assistance Software

Zoho Lens is our remote assistance software that utilizes augmented reality technology. With this software, you can easily examine equipment issues, such as those found in plant machinery or servers, without leaving your desk. By accessing the user’s smartphone camera at the remote location, you can instantly view and assess the problems.

See the issue, collaborate, and get things done faster

Key features our AR remote assistance software

Live Camera Streaming

Easily access the camera feed from your client's smartphone or smart glass and provide instructions directly from your desk by watching the live high-definition video.

Highlighting on 3D Objects

With AR annotations, both you and your customer have the ability to incorporate additional virtual information into the live camera feed. In addition to that, you can utilize various annotation tools to draw and write directly on the screen.

VoIP and text chat

nteract with your customer through VoIP and text chat to provide better remote assistance.


Capture a snapshot of the incoming camera stream to document specific events during the session, or to analyze an issue further.

Freeze image

Pause the live camera feed to thoroughly examine, analyze, and engage in detailed discussions about the technical aspects of a specific scenario.

Session Recording

Capture the sessions initiated within your organization in order to have a record of all the discussions and activities that took place. This will enable you to establish thorough trails and document all the details of your sessions, thereby building a valuable knowledge base.

Mobile SDK

Incorporate our SDK for iOS and Android into your mobile app to integrate remote access features. This will enable end-users to directly join sessions from within your application.


As an Expert, you have the ability to invite participants with diverse skill sets to assist you during a remote assistance session. These invited participants can utilize all of our functionalities to share their expertise and collaborate in finding solutions promptly.

How Zoho Lens can play a central role in enhancing your business.

Save money by reducing travel costs

Instead of physically traveling to a client's location, why not instruct them to fix issues remotely from your desk? Zoho Lens, an augmented reality remote assistance software, offers a cost-effective solution by eliminating the need for on-site visits.

A more effective way of solving problems

Ground technicians have the capability to promptly seek assistance from experts by simply showcasing the issue through their smartphone. This enables them to receive timely and efficient support.

Increase productivity by reducing downtime

Zoho Lens enhances efficiency and productivity by enabling you to instantly provide instructions to end users for resolving issues on the spot.

An AR remote assistance software that helps anyone who needs assistance

Zoho Lens has been designed to aid professionals in providing remote assistance to individuals who require help with resolving an issue. It enables them to gain a thorough understanding of their client's situation. With Zoho Lens, professionals no longer need to travel in order to address incidents like a misconfigured server, a damaged machine part, or a complex hardware problem.

Below are the key industries where Zoho Lens, as an augmented reality remote assistance software, can enhance problem-solving capabilities and result in significant time and cost savings.

Provide augmented reality based remote assistance

Provide augmented reality based remote assistance on the go with the Zoho Lens technician app.

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