Symmetrical Data

Business Grade Broadband Service with Extremely Fast Upload Speeds

Unilakes offers high-speed symmetrical DSL plans, also known as SHDSL, Ethernet, and EFM, to meet the needs of customers who require a business-grade broadband service with extremely fast upload speeds. In situations where a business has more than a few employees and relies heavily on cloud-based software products, a standard ADSL connection is usually inadequate. This is because the transfer of large amounts of data in both directions is necessary, which ADSL cannot handle effectively.

To address this issue, BTB provides SHDSL or Ethernet connections that offer exceptionally fast speeds in both upload and download directions. These speeds surpass those offered by ADSL and even the NBN. Various configurations are available, ranging from 100Gb to unlimited data plans.

Symmetrical data can use copper or fibre lines

If there is a fiber connection between the exchange and your customer building, we are able to provide speeds of up to an impressive 10Gbps. In cases where there is no fiber, we can combine multiple copper pairs to deliver speeds of up to 80Mbps, which is significantly faster than an ADSL connection.

Enjoy Faster and Always On Internet

Equal Upload and Download Speeds

With symmetrical data connection, the upload and download speeds are the same. This is particularly useful for activities such as video conferencing, cloud storage, and online gaming, where both uploading and downloading large files is important.


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Support for Cloud Services

As more businesses and individuals rely on cloud-based services, symmetrical data connection becomes crucial. It ensures efficient utilization of cloud storage, quick backups, and faster access to cloud applications.


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