ISDN Services

Proven, Reliable Technology

The proven digital solution allowing for multiple phone lines

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is a well-established and dependable technology that offers a digital solution for customers who are looking to upgrade from a basic phone line but may not be fully prepared for an IP-based system.

Referred to as Telstra ISDN2, ISDN10/20/30, or Optus Multiline, ISDN enables multiple calls to be made simultaneously on a single phone number. Additionally, each staff member can have their own individual phone number, facilitating multiple inbound and outbound calls.

Unilakes recommend your customers transition to the more advanced SIP based solutions, however, in certain circumstances an ISDN product may be more suitable.

Integrated Services Digital Network

Reliable and Stable Connection

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) offers a dedicated and dedicated line, ensuring a reliable and stable connection for voice and data transmission.

Multiple Channels

ISDN allows multiple channels to be used simultaneously, enabling multiple calls or data transfers at the same time.

Our globally connected Next Generation Network

Australia’s most connected network, with over 2100 global peers. Low contention, fast streaming – now that’s networking!

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