A Perfect Solution for Home or Small Business Use

Connect to the Internet with high-speed ADSL2+ connections, the perfect solution for home or small business use. Our plans offer up to unlimited data downloads. These services are available throughout Australia in areas where NBN has not yet been installed. Unilakes will ensure a smooth transition as your customers’ DSL services are moved onto the NBN.

ADSL2+ services are a reliable and proven technology, making them the preferred broadband option for residential customers until the NBN is activated. By utilizing our own NGN network, Unialkes can provide ADSL services that are the most reliable choice available.

Enjoy Faster and Always On Internet


High-speed ADSL offers faster internet speeds compared to traditional dial-up connections. The speed can vary depending on the distance from the telephone exchange and the quality of the copper lines.

Always-on Connection

High-speed ADSL provides an always-on connection, allowing users to stay connected to the internet without having to dial in or wait for a connection.

Our globally connected Next Generation Network

Australia’s most connected network, with over 2100 global peers. Low contention, fast streaming – now that’s networking!

Our Partners

We Provide Cutting Edge Technology Solutions Through Our Strategic Global Partnerships for each area of business.

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