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The best web application is the one that succeeds in creating a great user experience through branding consistency, mobile responsive and friendly UX, and leads to a quick checkout process.

Every new startup or running business need a website with a great content management system , search engine optimization (SEO) features, digital marketing, and ready to deliver consumer driven experiences on mobile devices.

Since the expansion of the worldwide Web, all kinds of websites have popped up on the scene. Here is a breakdown of the ten most popular kinds of websites to help you make that decision.

In fact, there are so many types of websites nowadays; sometimes it’s difficult to decide which type of web design is the right one for you. We have put together a breakdown of the ten most popular kinds of websites to help you make that decision.


kinds of websites

Ten most popular kinds of websites to help you make that decision

E-commerce website

An E-commerce website is an online shop where people can order goods and make payments from the comfort of their own homes. If you have products to sell and would like to enjoy the benefits of not having to run a traditional bricks-and-mortar shop with things like overheads to consider, then this is definitely the way forward.

Photo Sharing

Websites such as Pixabay.com allow people to upload and download photos for free. You can get paid with advertising on a photo-sharing website or by selling good quality high resolution images that people will want to purchase, perhaps for commercial purposes.

Business Directory

Instead of flicking through the pages of a massive phone directory to find services and businesses, in this day and age we use online directory websites. They can be dedicated to a specific location, topic or industry. Directory websites serve as useful lists of resources.

Information website

Information websites are particularly helpful. People no longer have to visit libraries and take out books for basic information. Any question that comes into someone's mind nowadays is often swiftly followed up with a quick search on Google to find their answer. A great deal can be learned online and many people are now researching and self-teaching with online tutorials, hacks and tips from such websites.

Resume website

Much better than just listing your skills on paper, an interactive online resume showcases who you are, not just your qualifications, giving you much more control over your first impressions with prospective employers.

Bio website

Authors and writers have their own websites which include their biography, a catalogue of their works with reviews and comments, as well as links to their social media, blog and places their publications are being sold online. This is especially useful in the world of publishing and establishment of a fan base.

Online Community

Community forums are a great way to get in touch and share ideas with people with the same interests or from similar backgrounds through the Internet. This interactive feature can be the main focus of the website, or just a part of it so that visitors can discuss what the site is about.

Portfolio website

Ideal for showcasing your work, everyone from landscape photographers to fashion models have an online portfolio these days to show off their talent to potential employers.

Catalogue and Brochure webiste

If you have a product or a service that does not require payment online, then an online catalogue or brochure will enable you to display what you have on offer and attract potential clients. Spreading the word about a business used to be limited to television, print or radio, however a website gives a much wider reach. Online brochures are a great idea for dental surgeries, hair salons, holiday destinations and manufacturers.