Growing businesses depend on hiring new people

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Give your organization a comprehensive set of tools to find new talent and empower employees
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Find new talent

Growing businesses, with their ever-expanding goals and objectives, rely heavily on the crucial task of hiring new individuals to join their workforce.

Zoho, a comprehensive suite of powerful tools and resources, equips these businesses with the necessary means to effectively locate and recruit the perfect candidates for their specific job requirements.

By seamlessly integrating a wide array of functionalities and features, Zoho empowers businesses to streamline their recruitment processes.


Fill Openings

Create openings and post them to job boards.

Resume Parsing

Automatically turn submitted resumes into searchable candidate records.


Schedule interviews with candidates and hiring managers.

Create Offer Letters

Create and send offer letters for digital signatures.



Onboard Employees

Get new employees started faster with an automated onboarding process.

Create Policies

Create HR policies and get documents signed.

Performance Reviews

Take control of your client’s desktop to solve problems remotely.

Employees are a precious asset. Zoho gives you tools to develop talent and build a strong organization.



In today’s fast-changing work environment, it is crucial to update your HR practices accordingly. Zoho People is a cloud-based HR software solution designed to support and develop your employees, seamlessly

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Zoho Recruit provides a comprehensive recruitment platform that combines an advanced ATS and CRM. This platform offers scalability, customization, and remote hiring tools, making it an ideal solution for staffing

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How Zoho Can Help Your Business

Define and automate your sales process

The sales process involves a set of steps that can be repeated and predicted, allowing for continuous improvement. Zoho One assists in organizing and automating your sales process to facilitate faster growth.

Create quotes, sales orders, and invoices

A handshake deal is one thing, a signed sales contract is another. Zoho gives you tools to generate and sign contracts that get you paid on time.

Empower your sales team

Productive sales teams require more than a list of leads to call. Zoho gives your sales team extra tools to stay motivated and connected with your organization.

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