Fixed Wireless Ethernet

High Speed, Flexibility, and Reliability

Fixed Wireless Ethernet (FWE) offers customers high speed, flexibility, and reliability when accessing remote areas.

  • It is an excellent alternative in situations where copper or fiber connections are not feasible.
  • FWE utilizes secure and fast line-of-sight microwave radio technology, providing speeds that are up to 100 times faster than DSL connections.
  • It also serves as an effective backup solution for critical locations in the event of telco outages, fire, or flooding.
  • Unlike other remote solutions that may take months to install, FWE can be up and running within days.

Fixed wireless is a great solution for connecting multiple offices in situations where there is no fiber optic connection available. Unlike DSL connections, fixed wireless does not experience issues with contention or lag, making it a reliable choice. Additionally, fixed wireless provides a business-grade symmetrical service, offering fast upload and download speeds.

One of the advantages of fixed wireless is its ability to establish direct private links between different business locations. This allows for the creation of secure WANs (Wide Area Networks) and the implementation of distributed backup solutions.

Enjoy Faster and Always On Internet


With Fixed Wireless Ethernet, you can establish a network connection without the need for physical cables. This provides greater flexibility in terms of network deployment and expansion.



Quick Installation

Setting up a Fixed Wireless Ethernet connection is relatively quick and easy. It does not require extensive infrastructure or lengthy installation procedures, making it a cost-effective and time-saving option.



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