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Stay connected even when on the move

Effective consultation that help you stay connected to your customers, prospects and employees anytime, anywhere.

Unilakes is a leading provider of mobility consultation that helps clients to stay connected with their customers even when they are on the move, across different devices and in multiple locations. From business voice solutions to mobile workforce collaboration and productivity apps, Unilakes helps organizations to achieve greater efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and maximize return on investment.

How Enterprise Mobility Can Transform The Way You work


Empower Businesses To Operate

We deliver innovative and reliable solutions that empower businesses to operate in ways that enhance their competitive edge and improve their bottom line. Whether it is through Unified Communications, Collaboration, Mobility or Cloud Solutions, we help you connect to your customers, prospects and employees anytime, anywhere.

Unilakes delivers innovative enterprise communication solutions that help businesses reach their customers and employees, grow revenue and enhance brand loyalty. Our integrated suite of business collaboration tools helps organizations communicate more efficiently to better engage with customers, boost sales, delight employees and save money.

Grow Revenue And Enhance Brand Loyalty


Stay Connected Whenever You're Out and About

Mobile convergence is a great way to stay connected whenever you're out and about because it takes all of the features and capabilities of your office phone system and delivers them directly to your cell phone. With mobile convergence, you can keep in touch with contacts quickly and easily no matter where you happen to be - whether it's at home, in the car, or even at a new location for work. Mobile convergence helps make communication easier but still allows users to maintain control over privacy settings as well as the costs that come along with taking part in these conversations.

For business or campus wide coverage for up to several hundred people, private GSM mobile is the perfect answer. It offers customers their own private GSM mobile network, using standard GSM handsets. For in-building solutions, Private GSM Mobile is used to control which frequencies and incumbents can be used by subscribers so that your messages are always delivered on time.

Private GSM Mobile for Campus Wide Coverage for up to Several Hundred People


Mobile Client to Better Connect with Customers and Employees

Businesses are finding it more and more important to keep in contact with their clients. This is especially important with customers who are on the move, whether they’re travelling for business or reaching out to contacts at another location . Mobile Client with Extension Dialing is an application that can help you better connect with these customers, even when they’re on the go.

With Teleworker Solution, your remote staff have access to all the same communication tools they would have if they were sitting in the office. This means you get more bang for your buck: productivity benefits without the upfront costs!

Productivity Benefits Without the Upfront Costs


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