Digital HR Transformation

How To Digitally Transform An Organization

The Digital Work Processes Help Business Evolve and Thrive

Unilakes is a turnkey service provider in workplace IT solutions and automated business process services. With a portfolio of enterprise-wide on-cloud & on-prem digital work process solutions. Unilakes delivers a full suite of data security, enterprise mobility, digital employee experience, virtual task management, and virtual leadership & people management tools & services for all industries.

Our digital workplace development consulting services & technology solutions provide on-cloud or on-prem services that offer a way to seamlessly work online. We identify your digital transformation needs and provide you customized solutions based on your business needs that are built with cutting-edge design principles and next-gen digital technology, our services help people organize & automate their work effectively. It’s an all-in-one solution for everything you do at the office: from managing projects & customer relationships to scheduling meetings & hosting events to managing teams & people performance.

Digital Organization Development Consulting Services


Core Consulting Service Areas

  • Digital Organization Structure
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Change Management Communication
  • Assessment for Technical Leaders
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Performance Improvement
  • Human Resource Information System
  • Automated Business Process 
  • Paperless Office
  • Remote Work Management
  • Efficient Team Collaboration
  • Productivity Boost
  • Engaged Employees
  • Digital Employee Experience
  • Effective Data Analysis
  • Efficient Services Delivery

Digital Workplace Benefits


What is a Digital Workplace?

Unilakes provides solutions, which automates business processes across all business units for a company. This solution provides a single platform to run your organization from and uses AI, chatbots, automation, e-learning, and gamification to bring the best out of your employees. The Unilakes solution is scalable and deployable at multiple levels – right from the top-level management to the shop floor level employees.

In today’s time and age, it is essential for an enterprise to develop a digital workplace strategy that will help them manage and expand their business in an easy and cost-effective way. Unilakes, in partnership with the world's fastest-growing business process automation tools providers, has developed a digital workplace strategy framework that provides an innovative solution for companies to upgrade the entire workplace experience.

Importance of Having a Digital Workplace Strategy


Digital Workplace Defines Digital Literacy

Unilakes’ digital employee experience solutions are designed to increase the effectiveness of your workforce, by improving digital literacy and online communication between employees and teams, saving you time and money.

What works for you? 

Is it a laptop, or maybe a desktop computer? Not anymore. Now you can get the flexibility of working where and when you want with digital workplace development solutions from Unilakes. Imagine up to 100 employees working seamlessly across devices, locations, and time zones. A digital workplace offers businesses more control over their data security, cost-effectiveness, and employee satisfaction.

With the Unilakes digital workplace, employees can instantly connect with each other, their teams and the workstations to maximize efficiency and productivity while preserving control over sensitive data. The digital workplace offers secure access to all business content on any device, anywhere they are.

Why Unilakes?

We provide high-performance, virtual workplace solutions that enable teams to work smarter, faster, and more secure. Our solutions deliver essential capabilities that empower employees to do their best work from anywhere. Key capabilities include collaboration, task management, people management, human resource management system, data protection & secure cloud computing.

Your business needs to evolve in order to survive, and your workforce management solution should keep up. We help you reimagine and reimplement your workplace strategy so that it matches the needs of today’s constantly changing business environment. We take care of the whole digital workplace implementation process for you, including hardware integration, app development, or any other IT services you need. No matter what challenge you face in your business – we have a solution that will take you there.

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