Website Heatmaps

Gain Valuable Insights into Your Visitor Engagements

Get an in-depth view of how your customers and visitors interact with your website

Heatmaps are visual representations of your website visitors’ clicks, scrolls and movements. They help you understand what your site visitors are doing so that you can make it better. Heatmaps show you how users interact with any page on your website.

With heatmaps you can determine what parts of a page are getting more attention, and where people are clicking or scrolling away from the page.

Valuable Patterns into Visitor Engagement & Experience

Data Driven Insights of the Customer Interactions with Your Brand

Data Driven Insights of the Customer Interactions with Your Brand

Unilakes' heatmaps allow you to see which page elements people are clicking and scrolling on your site. Heatmaps provide valuable insights into visitor engagement, allowing you to increase conversion rates by improving the shopping experience on your site.

Know What Matters Most to Your Customers

Know What Matters Most to Your Customers

Heatmap is a powerful tool, this amazing tool allows you to see how visitors use your website. You will be able to see the clicks, scroll, mouse moves and time spent on each section of your website. This will help you understand what elements on your page are interesting for customers and what elements don't catch their attention.

Effective Heatmap Analysis

Effective Heatmap Analysis

Monitoring your website's visitors' behavior can help you make data-driven decisions for optimization. The Heatmap Analysis can help answer below straightforward questions:

  • Do most people scroll as far as important elements are situated?
  • Do they really click on the key elements that are supposed to click?
  • Are there non-clickable elements that confuse them?
  • Is there anything that distracts them?
  • Are the experiences good on different devices?
  • A glimpse at heatmap analysis for your e-commerce website
E-commerce Heatmap Analysis

E-commerce Heatmap Analysis

Heatmap analysis is especially important in e-commerce as it tells you what shoppers get easily distracted by, which impedes them from converting. It also provides information on where the stumbling blocks are that make them leave.

Heatmap-based e-commerce store optimization allows shoppers to find the right products and seamlessly complete their purchase. As a result, both users' experience and customer satisfaction will improve. These improvements lead to higher sales.

Here are some examples of what we have been able to optimize based on heatmap analysis (with the obvious best UX practices):

  • Locate CTAs, opt-ins, content sections, images, hyperlinks, and other important design elements in the right places where users are more likely to reach them
  • Simplify the steps of your checkout and sign-up forms
  • Make sure there are no hidden fees that only display at the checkout
  • Add a link to the support chat
  • Add the option to view the product images again in the shopping cart
  • Provide a high-quality zoom feature for product images
  • Add more payment options
  • Make your CTAs more convincing and your content more engaging
  • remove duplicate CTAs, confusing navigation items, or other elements that puzzle users
  • Get rid of potentially useless elements that distract users
  • Fix links that won't open or lead to wrong pages
  • Rethink your pricing policies

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