Online Meeting Room as a Service

Persistent Online Meeting Rooms

Get the benefit of having a meeting room without all the hassle. Reserve online and have our team take care of the rest

Our Meeting Room as a Service offering is changing the way people meet. Shared meeting rooms are now available on-demand, 24/7, from customers, clients, and business partners. Anyone with an Internet connection can use Unilakes’ platform to meet with others in a virtual shared space that’s managed by our IT department. It doesn’t matter what time zone you’re in or where you are in the world – all you need is a web browser to participate. No downloads or updates to install; it’s all there when you log in ___ just like magic!

Team Meeting Without Leaving Your Desk

Team Meeting Without Leaving Your Desk

Ever wanted to have a team meeting without leaving your desk? Or maybe you’ve got a client on the other side of the world who wants to look at some data with you. Either way, Unilakes will help you meet wherever is convenient for your customers while providing you with a secure environment that gives both parties everything they need. We can even do all the nitty-gritty stuff like invite them to the meeting and make sure they’re ready for it – we just need a bit of information from you first.

Permanent Room Or Just For An Hour

Online meetings are now a necessity. Unilakes is the solution. We make meeting rooms available for you to book on-demand, using our secured software platform. Whether you need a permanent room or just need one for an hour, we have you covered. From booking to attendance tracking to note sharing, there’s no easier way to facilitate communications with colleagues and clients alike.

Permanent Room Or Just For An Hour
Co-Browse, Chat And Share Documents

Co-Browse, Chat And Share Documents

Unilakes Meeting Room as Service is a service that provides employees with permanent, online meeting rooms at their disposal. Employees can co-browse, chat and share documents while waiting for the other party to join. We have several ready-to-go meeting rooms which companies can rent per month or per year.

Higher Standard Of Efficiency And Productivity

Enabling technology for the future of business, the Unilakes Meeting Room as a Service enables our clients to conduct online meetings and collaborate with colleagues from any location, any time. Our solution brings all of the features and functionality of a meeting room to your employees, bringing a higher standard of efficiency and productivity to your business.

Higher Standard Of Efficiency And Productivity
Premium Online Meeting Spaces For Enterprises

Premium Online Meeting Spaces For Enterprises

Unilakes is a pioneer in providing cloud-based meeting spaces to small businesses. As a service provider, Unilakes offers premium meeting spaces to enterprises that need them on short notice. Unilakes provides the ability for customers to pre-configure their meeting rooms online with their choice of service and equipment that they will need for the meetings. Clients can be served from any place in the world through the web, mobile, and tablet devices.

Meeting Room Features

  • Secure peer-to-peer audio & video conferencing
  • No downloads and updates to install
  • Persistent meeting rooms
  • Waiting room for clients
  • Screen sharing (tab, app, full desktop)
  • Waiting room with agenda
  • Co browsing
  • Sharing and downloading shared files
  • Document co-annotation
  • Recording
  • Fully Branded Meeting Room
  • Presenter mode including private meeting notes
  • Scheduling
  • Broad calendar support (Outlook, Office 365, Google, Exchange, iCloud)
  • Custom booking pages
  • Real-time calendar synchronization
  • Time zone detection
  • Add the scheduler to your website
Co-Browse, Chat And Share Documents

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