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Whether you need to increase revenue by generating leads, to promote a new or better online presence, or to reduce costs by using technology, we can help.

The latest mobile devices and applications are changing the way we communicate, do business, and access news and entertainment. Businesses, consumers and programmers have embraced this innovative medium, businesses typically develop mobile applications for multiple platforms at once, to maximize market penetration and return on investment.

Our mobile app development experts know what users want in a mobile application. Our mobile apps increase brand awareness, encourage customer loyalty, and improve availability for customers.

Unilakes’s experienced mobile app development team has created business apps for the App Store and Google Play stores as well as cloud based apps. We use the latest technology and processes to create a differentiated customer experience. We collaborate with our customers through the complete process, including completing a market analysis to see what type of app and functionality would be most beneficial to both business and the customers. After the app is live, our support team works around the clock to maintain it and ensure functionality at all times.

How Industries are Benefiting from Mobile Apps?

How Industries are Benefiting from Mobile Apps

The demand for mobile app development services has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade with new technologies and a rapidly changing marketplace. If you want to tap into this growth, you need the right strategy. Our team of specialists will work with you on your overall business goals and will help you develop a unique mobile strategy to make your business more profitable.

Here are some industries that used their mobile apps for business and got amazing results:

Healthcare Industry App

Healthcare Industry

Mobile app usage is a healthcare industry trend that is here to stay. Patients are now able to remotely monitor their health, digitally store their medical records, and even video chat with a doctor, all from the comfort of their own homes. Healthcare providers have also found it easy to make appointments, order prescriptions and access patient-specific data through mobile apps. The benefits of mobile app usage are endless but the most important one is that it puts patients.

Travel Apps

Travel Industry

With apps, travel companies can get the word out about their services while improving customer service at the same time.

The travel apps are improving the travel industry to offer special services to customers, allowing people to check-in and check-out without any hassle, or combine bookings. It's all possible with our app.

Restaurant Industry apps

Restaurant Industry

One of the most popular industries of all time, restaurants show no signs of slowing down. With help from mobile apps, these businesses can grow and provide their services with ease.

Restaurants need high-quality mobile apps to make life easier for customers. Apps can help with reservations, orders, finding places nearby and anything else that makes users happy. They are even used to show you what other customers thought about the food. That's because apps have a massive audience, they not only bring new customers but also make it easy for restaurant owners to reach target groups in a way that was difficult before.

Entertainment Industry

Mobile phone and tablet use for entertainment has increased immensely because of the rapid technological advances in smartphone and internet technology. This gives users more freedom to enjoy their favorite shows in many ways (e.g., on-demand, anytime).

It has become clear that nowadays everything we need is available on mobile apps. They have become our go-to ‘TV’ and we say they are the new TV.

All these examples show the benefits of mobile apps for business. However, these are not the only industries that benefited from their mobile apps. There are others, including social networks and e-scooters, that have gone mobile and are seeing immediate results.

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