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Effective And Timely Communication

Deliver a message quickly and directly to a wide range of people in the event of an emergency

The Public Address, Paging, Notification & Intercom Systems offered by Unilakes can be used in places like a school, college or a university, an airport or a train station, museum or any other place where you require effective communication.

An emergency notification system is an alerting tool used to deliver a message quickly and directly to a wide range of people in the event of an emergency. Emergency notification systems can be used by organizations during emergencies caused by fires, weather-related incidents or security threats

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Public Address System

Unilakes Public Address System is a collection of microphones, amplifiers, speakers and controllers to facilitate one-way communication with an audience. A PA system includes mixing console to combine and change multiple input sources.

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Paging System

Our Paging Solution is a public address or loudspeaker system used to make announcements, notify, or alert people. With our paging system, buildings or areas can be divided into several regions, zones, or addressable coverage areas.


Our Intercom solution allows people to communicate point-to-point between different rooms.  We offer all types of intercom solutions like Wireless Intercoms, Wired Intercom Systems, Video Intercom, Apartment Intercoms, and Two-Way Radios.

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Emergency Notification System

Use our Emergency Notification System for delivering one-way broadcasts of audio, visual or text-based messages to groups of people to alert them of an emergency. Our Alerting & Notification solution can include flashing lights, loud alarms, and/or vibration alarms.

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