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Businesses, Hotels, Campuses, and Real Estate Agents use our Digital Signage Software for branding, entertainment, news delivery, and advertisements.

Digital Signage in Australia is one of the most cost-effective ways for companies to promote their brand, advertise products and drive sales. Digital signage is electronic advertising or any information conveyed through digital platforms in public places. You cannot neglect the prime importance of technology today. Digitizing everything has made our lives so much more functional and accessible.

We can easily transform static screens into digital displays that are always on, always in motion, and always working for you. Unilakes’ Digital Signage Solution is perfect to help you reach your customers on their smartphones and tablets. The result? A wholly unique way to interact with your customers.

You must have also come across this type of digital multimedia on day to day basis in Australia, where everything from giant billboards to a random food shop in the street uses digital signage. However, with advanced forms of digital tools used for this purpose, there are many things you need to consider. We will go through everything, including the technical terms, to help you select the appropriate technology for your business and to create the best digital signage Australia in 2022.

Everything About Digital Signage

Different Types of Digital Signage

Digital Signage for Automation

We have seen this digital signage at various public places like airports and bus stations. It’s one of the oldest and most helpful digital signage solutions as it provides people with valuable information. You can achieve automation through simple software and cloud services.

Digital signage for Advertisements

Digital signage for advertisements differs from the rest as they use bright LCDsYou often see these screens on highways. They use special CRM software, which is responsible for managing the ads. Each screen creates daily reports as proof which it provides to the advertisers.

Digital signage for Looping

Various businesses, such as food chains and healthcare centers, use this kind of digital signage indoors. They use LCD or LED displays integrated with simple software responsible for playing the same video or pictures in a loop all day.

Smart kiosks

Smart kiosks or interactive displays have been the most popular digital signage in the past two decades. You might have seen them in malls or at food chain centers. They are usually 55 inches of vertical touch screen displays. With the advancement of technology, these displays can be used for much more purposes than before; for example, some popular food chains have interactive digital displays with QR code scanners so that customers can redeem offers using their mobile phones.

Innovative Ideas to Use Digital Signage

Promotions and information

Using digital signage for promotion and information about your company is pretty simple. You can use any standard display and probably set it up independently. It’s better to display what the audience would likely want rather than a list of what your company has to offer. Moreover, keep the information eye-catching and straightforward.

To-do list and schedules

Using digital signage in corridors and waiting lounges with your company’s future goals is a great idea. It will be helpful for both your clients and your employees. You can also use a big screen displaying the to-do list for all your employees with important messages regarding their work that you want them to check on.

Cool Ambience and Quotes

Mesmerizing wallpapers and quotations in your waiting area will indeed create a positive environment for your guest. It will also boost your employee’s morale every day when they walk into your office.

Use interactive Displays

Using interactive displays is another great option to entertain your clients. You can devise simple games to keep your clients or customer kids busy. Furthermore, you can also use interactive displays to attain your customers’ information.

Save Money and the Environment

Digital signage is more than just displaying information to a user. Sure it is eye-catching, but there are numerous other benefits to using this technology.

It will cost you once but save you a lot later. For example, say you are running a restaurant. Now with the price and seasonal change, you would require to alter your menu, for which, if you were using papers, this would mean wasting thousands of copies and printing new ones. On the other hand, with digital technology, all that would require is an update to your screens. This initiative would also be environmentally friendly.

Steps for Setting up Digital signage (DIY)

You can set up digital signage in Australia by using famous universal hardware. It might be simple for you if you are a tech geek; however, for those who don’t understand the terminology, you can always use famous digital signage companies in Australia (more on that later) to set it up for you.

Choosing the Right Display

The first step to digital signage is choosing the correct number and kind of display. For indoor purposes, you will opt for standard LCDs or LEDs made for digital signage. Calculate the number of displays you will need. It is important to note that you would require media players for each display if they don’t have smart software built-in.

Choosing the Right Media Player

Once you have the right displays, the next step is getting the right media player. A USB stick plugged into your display is also a media player, but that isn’t reliable. You would require a properly operating system running on your display with third-party software which integrates all the displays and is easy to operate. The standard media players used with displays like LCDs and monitors are; raspberry pie’s, chrome OS, and Amazon’s Firestick. Operating systems like Android, Windows, and Linux are used.

Digital Signage Industries in Australia

If you have different franchises of your business or you have a big setup, then getting help from a professional industry would probably be the best option. There are many perks to this, as for more significant projects, if you set up and buy hardware on your own, that would cost you more. Furthermore, professional installation will unlock many new features, such as cloud services allowing you to control all the displays from one location.

FAQ: Digital Signage in Australia

Q. Is using Digital signage worth the investment?

Ans. For a developed country like Australia, yes, it is. Using digital signage can boost your business exponentially through cost-effective methods.

Q. Can I set up digital signage on my own?

Ans. You can set it up independently if you have a small setup and want various displays for looping pictures or videos. For bigger projects, it’s best to get help from outside.


Unilakes' Cost Effective Digital Signage Solutions

Cloud-Based Digital Signage Solution

Cloud-Based Digital Signage Solution

A cloud-based digital signage solution with a range of features and templates, making it easy for you to cut through the clutter and communicate your message clearly in minutes. No need for expensive hardware or coding skills. You can even monitor and manage your signage from pretty much anywhere on the planet using our mobile app.

On-Prem and Cloud-Based Solution

On-Prem and Cloud-Based Solution

Digital signage solution for on-prem and cloud-based. The system is easy to use and manages multiple screens through powerful management tools. You can use smart templates and data binding, which means you can connect it with any system (point of sale, video surveillance, or sensors).


Players Work in Android and Windows Systems

If you would like to display content on big screens, then our Android player will be the most cost-effective solution. If you want to communicate with your audience on touchscreens, your best option is an all-in-one PC with Windows. It’s your choice and we support you with both drag and drop editor.

Effective & Easy to use Data Binding

Effective & Easy to use Data Binding

If you have real-time data, price lists, stock information, you can integrate them into your contents and the data generated will be automatically refreshed on your displays.

Simplicity of our Solution is at the Core

Our solution is as easy to use as MS PowerPoint. In our experience, we can say that with basic IT skills, two to three hours of training is enough to master the use of it.

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