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Cloud PBX

Unilakes Telco’ Cloud PBX platform offers businesses the features and technology of a traditional on-site PBX phone system and more, all without the need for a large initial investment. This service is delivered via our Next Generation Network (NGN) to ensure top-notch call quality and platform reliability. Unlike older on-site PBX systems that require physical […]

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Inbound Calling

Enhance the memorability of your business number by utilizing a variety of national 13, 1300, and 1800 numbers, as well as international toll-free 0800 inbound services. With these options, callers can reach you without incurring any charges or at a local flat rate, regardless of your business’s location. In addition to providing cost-effective communication, our

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Traditional Voice Services

Traditional office PBX and PABX phone systems continue to play a crucial role in providing effective communication solutions for customers and businesses of all sizes. These systems are essential for delivering SIP, PSTN, or ISDN services. Moreover, by combining any of these services, a more reliable and resilient solution can be achieved compared to relying

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SD-WAN is the latest advancement in wide area networks (WAN), offering a cost-efficient method for overseeing and enhancing your corporate networks. This software-driven solution utilizes affordable Internet connections that are secured by IPsec VPN to link your multiple office locations.

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MPLS Networks

If your business has multiple offices, an MPLS network enables you to seamlessly connect all your sites into a unified private network, ensuring secure data sharing without reliance on the public Internet for transmission. This setup offers enhanced privacy and efficiency for your organization’s communication needs. With MPLS, all of your sites are connected to

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Managed Firewalls

Firewalls play a crucial role in safeguarding your network from unauthorized entry, hacking attempts, viruses, and other unwanted intrusions. Introducing the latest security solution: cloud-managed firewalls. These innovative tools provide comprehensive protection against network attacks, intrusions, and malware for your customers. Unlike traditional firewall systems, which suffer from a key drawback – the need for

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Connect to the Internet with high-speed ADSL2+ connections, the perfect solution for home or small business use. Our plans offer up to unlimited data downloads. These services are available throughout Australia in areas where NBN has not yet been installed. Unilakes will ensure a smooth transition as your customers’ DSL services are moved onto the

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Our Partners

We Provide Cutting Edge Technology Solutions Through Our Strategic Global Partnerships for each area of business.

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